Scandinavian Style – How to Scandi Your Home_

Scandinavian interior design is known for its trendy and minimalist style that is timeless. This style has gained popularity because of its tendencies to show case tidiness and our desire to have a comfortable and inviting setting. Scandinavian design also embraces natural material such as leather, hemp and wood.

This design mostly gets its inspiration from nature and combines natural shapes and elements. Additionally, the Scandinavian design is known for its simple color pallets, eye catching furniture and cozy accents. How to give your home a Scandinavian style?

Use simple decorative items

Because this design embraces simplicity, its advisable to pick items which have a simple design and accents. If you would like to have a little texture and geometry in your living room you can add throws and pillows that have geometric prints.

Take advantage of the natural light

The Scandinavian design turns out so well when pieces are centered so well around natural light that is coming into your homes.

Create contrast

This can be done by creating dull colored items with brightly colored ones. This helps create a dramatic appearance and impactful statement. Modern furniture contrasts well with architectural designs of your home which is a common occurrence in northern Europe .

Add plants and fresh flowers

With regards to this, consider enlivening your Scandinavian family room with indoor plants and new blossoms. Truth be told, designers accept that new blossoms are a huge necessity in each Scandinavian house.

Use neutral colors

There’s a specific shading palette that is related with the Scandinavian stylistic layout and this incorporates the tones of grays, whites, earthy colors, and blacks. So while beautifying a Scandinavian lounge room, center around the utilization of these impartial tones so as to make a perfect and alleviating impact to your Scandinavian home.

Have a corner fireplace

Most Scandinavian homes are known to have chimneys toward the side of a room not focused on a wall. In this way, sitting plans are regularly planned based on the position of the chimney.

There needs to be form and functionality

With regards to the utilization of furniture in a Scandinavian design, clean lines ought to be apparent. Tables, seats, couches, and the remainder of the Scandinavian style ought to have an advanced touch with smooth and adjusted edges. This design is additionally described by its creative and utilitarian utilization of room, so it’s not unexpected to see multi-leveled divider shelving in a Scandinavian living area.

Incorporate warm wood and metal

A Scandinavian design utilizes wooden components on the floor surface as well as in the furnishings and other fixtures. The design also utilizes metal such as copper and brass which can be combined with wood to add glamour to your spaces.

Rules of Scandinavian design

  • Use neutral colors
  • Focus on Eco-friendly designs and materials
  • Combine bold patterns with simple designs
  • Avoid cluttering your spaces
  • Incorporating simple and cozy items is key
  • Less is more- Keep your decorative items simple
  • Use light flooring material
  • Take advantage of natural light in your home

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